My name is Ana Teodorovic. I am currently an LSC Malta student and I have also started working at LSC Malta in the last couple of months. I enjoy learning and working on my MBA final project. Before embarking on my MBA, I followed my love for travel and obtained an undergraduate degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Pursuing further education was the next step for me and after detailed exploration of the available options and possible locations, I chose LSC Malta as my final school of choice and destination. Now I am confident that I have made the right decision to study and obtain my MBA degree at LSC Malta and that decision will have a positive and progressive impact on my career and my future.

I chose to study at LSC Malta because it met my needs of improving my skills. I already have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and the next logical step seemed to be an MBA degree. As my undergraduate major was in tourism and hospitality, this had an immense impact on my choice when I was searching for the right place to do my Master’s degree. I wanted to find a place that offered me a chance to see the knowledge I was gaining through real life experience. Tourism plays a big role in Malta’s economy and this lead me to choose LSC Malta. Their competitive pricing also had an impact on my final decision and I am very happy I chose them.

The thing I am enjoying most at LSC Malta is the people I have met and the memories we have made together. I also feel a huge sense of achievement for completing all my exams and moving onto my final project. The experience I have gained from working in a changing environment; the ability to recognise my strengths and weaknesses; to be able to have a new challenge every day to overcome – these have not only brought me enormous joy but also have had an impact on my life. I feel that I have grown in knowledge and experience during my time with LSC Malta and this is a great privilege.

I would advise students to come LSC Malta to broaden their horizons, experience new cultures. Invest in their education; learning is an important part of everyone’s life. LSC Malta offers first rate academic staff willing to share their knowledge and experience with you.

LSC Malta is preparing me with a wide range of general business knowledge and a broad base of technical skills in a relatively short period of time. The ability to openly address challenges and obstacles I am expected to face as a newcomer to the field, and how I plan to handle them. Presenting concrete examples of skills and knowledge applicable to my chosen field shows both my preparation for the role and my understanding of its demands. Students of MBA programs learn the management skills they need to work in administrative and leadership positions within these fields, giving them more career mobility and the possibility of advancement beyond what their undergraduate degrees allow.

My main ambition is to continuously evolve into excellence, to the point where I’m astonished by how much I have changed for the better. This is my ambition because nothing feels better to me than knowing that I’m constantly aspiring and achieving. I may not know where the future will lead me but I know when I look back, I will see a path that is being made with every step I take to get just where I am. I would like to see myself growing to the point I feel it’s time to try to venture out by myself and start my own business, but there is no hurry.