My name is Darren Borg, I am 23 years old and I live in Rabat, Malta. I graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelor of Education in Physical Activity. I am into fitness, love the outdoors, especially hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving and skiing. I also love to travel to different countries especially to attend to music festivals.

Even though I graduated in Education, I was always intrigued by the creative processes involved in managing teams of people to come up with a product or service, marketing it in novel ways and finally selling it.

Therefore, before graduating I started looking around for a master’s degree along those lines. After looking around for a while I came across LSC Malta. The staff immediately welcomed me to the the campus and after discussing the programme, I was sure I would be making the best decision if I were to study at LSC Malta.

What am I enjoying most at LSC Malta? Well. apart from meeting and making friends with people from all over the world, I like the warm, familiar feeling of being part of LSC Malta. You get to know the staff and your lecturers and they always do their best to help me.

Without any doubt, the best thing LSC Malta is preparing me for in my future career is the diverse programme they offer. The different modules help us better understand how a successful business works. Moreover, the fact that the lecturers are highly experienced in their field, makes it all more tangible, giving us the possibility to transfer what we learn to our future jobs.

My future ambitions are to become more knowledgeable and skilful in this area so that ultimately, I can transfer my expertise to a team in order to create a successful business