Using the business proposal from her MBAe dissertation, Joanna set up Hades UK (, providing women with high-end Steampunk inspired designer footwear in 2012. “During the 16 months I spent at the LSC, I learned many invaluable lessons that will continuously help me throughout my career. The MBAe not only boosted my CV, it also taught me many skills that I use in my business on a daily basis. From understanding business accounts through to HR and marketing, the MBAe really helped me to possess all-round skills needed to be the director of a company. Years later my footwear distribution company, Hades UK, is thriving and it’s all thanks to LSC where I studied my MBAe and the wonderful lecturers who helped make my dream of owning my own business a reality.” Today, Hades is a recognised designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of provocative heels and sexy footwear. Hades shoes have featured in numerous photo shoots, cat walks, TV shows, celebrity events and has been worn by Hollywood stars like Whoopi Goldberg.