August is an auspicious time, a new milestone in LSC history has been reached. The DBA, our professional doctorate, will start this month at both London and Colombo campus locations. This achievement has taken at least two years devoted to research, design, development and meticulous discussions with our partner universities.

The birth of the DBA has followed through from the immense success of the MBA for Executives by adopting a similar pattern of flying faculty delivery with regular course assessment intervals. This will be very familiar to many of you as successful MBA graduates.

Our collective mission for the DBA is to produce new leaders, as strategists, who will create and capture organisational value for the benefit of shareholders and key stakeholder groups. To achieve this aspiration, each educational component of the DBA is designed to integrate professional practice with well-grounded theory. The desired outcomes are firstly, to achieve significant organisational change and secondly, to further enhance personal managerial leadership development. The DBA will focus on practical application and action orientation through diverse organisational contexts to achieve the required learning agenda.

LSC intends to work closely with our DBA community to ensure that the support, required knowledge, specialist high level skills and professional attitude alignment are achieved for on time completion, ideally within three years.

The DBA has two distinct stages. Stage 1 comprises of seven taught modules delivered at intervals of six to eight weeks each requiring an 6000 word assignment. Each assignment will require a consultancy report, an evidence report and a reflective report for leadership development. The taught modules are:

  • Value Creation For Business
  • Value Management
  • Strategic Thinking And Critical Analysis
  • Strategy Road Maps
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Leading Innovation And Change
  • Interpersonal Leadership
  • Research Methodologies

The final taught module, Research Methodologies is designed to enable DBA candidates to prepare an acceptable doctoral research proposal for their DBA thesis. There will be a formal assessment at the end of Stage 1 to determine readiness to commence Stage 2 which is devoted to doctoral level research management. LSC will support Stage 2 through acknowledged action learning set methodologies to guide and review progress from research inception through to the writing up of the DBA thesis.

The ideology of our DBA is ‘ based upon three founding pillars:

  • Value Creation And Capture
  • Strategy Design And Implementation
  • Leadership Development For Change

All stages and modules of the DBA are anchored to these pillars, which in time will become known as ‘VSL’.

Our DBA carries the same academic title ‘Dr’ as a PhD. LSC looks forward to working together with you to achieve this accolade .The DBA is intended to open new horizons for career accession to top management positions of stature, deliver enhanced managerial competence and moreover open doors that may otherwise remain closed and beyond reach.

We look forward with enthusiasm to receiving you applications for a selection interview.