Close friends Louisa and Srbuhi have always dreamt about studying abroad, especially in the UK. “When BSB was founded in Armenia, we saw a great opportunity of gaining an internationally recognised UK MBAe degree, while staying in the home country and running our business.” While they may be young in their years, the girls have been running their own accessory making business, The Story Accessories, since 2013. The idea for the business came unexpectedly. They were enjoying their spare time in the summerhouse making beautiful accessories and their passion for making accessories gave birth to an idea of setting up their own business, making beautiful things and sharing it with others.

Neither girls have business backgrounds. Louisa had graduated from the Armenian State University of Economics with a specialism in Crisis Management and Srbuhi had graduated from Yereven State University with a Translator and Philologist degree. While they do not lack creativity and boldness, they firmly believe “the knowledge we gain during our studies at BSB will be very helpful for making The Story Accessories even more successful. The MBA will give us confidence to use our knowledge in order to expand business, and why not, maybe found new ones.”