Part-time MBAe student, Mohd Nidzam Mat Norwani, has successfully turned his major project into a real life business. We are very proud of his achievements and would like to acknowledge it. He managed his major project under the supervision of Dr Kui Tiang, Senior Lecturer, WIC, and his proposal was to set up a gourmet ice-cream truck. Based on his proposal, he introduced Jeju Fun Ice-Cream which is a Korean themed dessert truck that serves ice-cream as well as other varieties of snacks including hot dogs and soft drinks. His major project was based on real facts and figures that he acquired while setting up the business. In order to complete his major project, Mohd Nidzam applied for twp weeks leave so that he could dedicate all of that time and energy to accomplish his new business venture. His efforts finally paid off as his business turned out to be a major success. Jeju Fun Ice-Cream was first launched on the 3r April 2016, during the “SongkRun” marathon event that was held at the Sepang F1 Circuit in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Jeju Fun Ice Cream received an astounding response as soon they opened up for business. A large crowd of enthusiastic customers surrounded their truck which kept them continuously busy. He continued his business operation in another location, from the 5th to 10th of April, during the Malaysian Badminton Open 2016 at the Shah Alam Badminton Stadium. Once again, they received an overwhelming response from their customers. Their average daily sales exceeded by more than twice the amount projected in the business plan. Mohd Nazim says, “I am very excited after seeing the potential of this business and realised how far it can go. I am also very sentimental towards this business and am overwhelmed by the whole experience knowing that it all started from my major MBA project. I would like to express immense gratitude towards Westminster International College, particularly Dr Kui Tiang, for the support, guidance and encouragement given to me throughout this journey of completing my major project and setting up my own business”. The story of Mohd Nazim’s success is an inspiration to all LSC alums and students and we hope it inspires you to go on to achieve your dreams as nothing is impossible with the right amount of passion and dedication.