Nainaz came to LSC London in 2007 to pursue an MBA after graduating from Ahmednagar College with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2006. While still a student in LSC London, Nainaz met David Carr Taylor, one of five pioneers in the English wine industry and shared with him her idea to innovate and create a wine that will complement hot, spicy and full-flavoured foods. After the idea was jointly researched by Nainaz and Carr Taylor, Taylor and Shroff Wines (
was born.

After qualifying with her MBA, Nainaz has been developing the brand of Taylor & Shroff in Maharashtra State where she has achieved a highly respected reputation for ethical business and is well respected in the Parsee community in Mumbai and Pune. Today, Taylor and Shroff offer an exciting new range of wines to suit all palates and have won over 130 awards and medals since the vineyard was founded. Here, Nainaz looks back at her time at LSC and shares her ambitions for the future.

LSC Connect: What did you enjoy most during your time at LSC?
Nainaz: I enjoyed discovering myself the most at LSC. I loved being able to make my own choices with absolute freedom. I enjoyed taking responsibility for my choices and more importantly bouncing out of the negative each time and surprising myself by doing my best. And through it all, I made the most precious bonds with beautiful people who all stood as one force pushing me forward in life to achieve my dreams and goals.

I enjoyed the kindness and guidance of my teachers, I enjoyed fun times with friends and I enjoyed earning my own money and paying my bills on time. I enjoyed being me! I learnt to make my choices and stick with them.

LSC Connect: That is a really positive and happy experience. If you had your time at LSC again, is there anything you’d do differently?
Nainaz: Yes! I would never leave because at LSC, I had the best time ever. I am an ‘LSC Patriot’. If I had my time again, I would help more if I could. I would get involved with key business clubs or resource clubs so that my friends would to be able to learn more about the options available to them for their future careers.

LSC Connect: We love the concept of an ‘LSC Patriot’. What do you think LSC best prepared you for in your career?
Nainaz: The multicultural exposure at LSC helped me break away from my shell and move into a secure, practical, and strong cosmopolitan space with my thoughts, actions and attitude. It gave me a filter for life for me to be able to tell right from wrong.

LSC Connect: You have been very successful in your industry. What advice do you have for current students looking to start a career in your sector? What could they be doing now?
Nainaz: This is not a trade or sector for regulars. It is a trade for the tough ones
So they (interested students) better be drinking lots of good wines and being good spirits about it all. More importantly, they need to be ready and able to stand back up after every shot in life.

The alcohol industry is a tough industry with intense trade, market, legal and commercial limitations for any and every big and small operator globally. You must only venture into it if you are willing to sustain, fight and push till you succeed. Even if you are only but a mosquito in a room full of people, they are out to get you. Fly higher each time, raise the bar, and keep your ethical standards high as there must be no looking back, only progress by breaking new ground. I personally would love to see more girls venturing into this field. But remember, it’s tough.

LSC Connect: Keeping in good spirits and willing to take shots… we love the puns. But seriously, determination, grit and a strong sense of ethics… which is what you have demonstrated in making Taylor and Shroff a success. What are your future ambitions?
Nainaz: I would like Taylor and Shroff to be the biggest retailer of wines and spirits globally. In the longer term, I would love to set up schools for the young and homes for the old and undertake a range of charity work.

LSC Connect: Thank you Nainaz. We wish you every success in your career and hope that as an LSC Patriot, you will continue to keep in touch with us as your business goes from strength to strength.