With over 20 years’ overall management experience, Mumtaz came to the BSC to study for an MBA from a recognised UK university as she believed this was an essential tool to help her move on to the next level of success. “The modern business environment demands that organisations continually respond to evolution, change and transformation. My company has responded to these shifts in our manufacturing, financial, human resources, distribution and marketing processes which has made us pioneers in the field.” She believes that the MBA has given her the recognition and prestige required to succeed in her career and demonstrated that she has the capabilities, competence and necessary qualifications to run a company effectively. “The British School of Commerce was the institution of choice, not only for me, but for many of us who attended the program, as they ensured consistency, integrity and that excellent facilities were available to all students for a wonderful learning experience. Enabling local students to gain a higher education such as an MBA granted by a UK university is a privilege.” Today Mumtaz is Deputy Chairperson and Managing Director at her group of companies. Her advice to potential students: “Qualified local and foreign professors and lecturers conduct classes with high standards of teaching and the flexible hours and weekend classes make it an ideal MBA program for executives. Foreign members of faculty provide insights that cannot be gained unless one has worked abroad. It has given me valuable knowledge of how businesses thrive in developed countries and has allowed me to apply the strategies taught into my own business.”