Professor Richard Li-Hua, PhD, a renowned strategy scholar and the Founder of China’s Embracing Innovation theory, is well-known for his research on China’s innovation and innovation strategy. He is the President of Camot Innovation Academy Cambridge, UK. He is a senior expert of science & technology endorsed by EU Patent Office and MOST, China and an internationally recognized authority on international technology transfer and innovation. He is Honorary President of SIAS International University and served as President & Vice-Chancellor of SIAS International University, China (2014-2017).

He is also Chairman of China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) founded in 2006 at Tsinghua University. He is Distinguished Visiting Professor of Henley Business School, Reading University, UK, and Penn State University, Erie, USA and Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, China. He was Visiting Scholar at Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK and is Strategic Advisor at Research Center of Technology Innovation, Tsinghua University, China.

The Theory of China Embracing Innovation

Has been established by Professor Li-Hua from a global perspective, a historical and philosophical angle and a strategic management perspective, based upon his 30 years of observation of rapid changes between East and West, his academic research on China’s technology strategy and innovation strategy, China’s competitiveness and sustainability, so as to resolve the paradox of China’s economy with sustained, high-speed and stable development, to analyze the root of China’s social, political, economic and environmental sustainable development, and to explain the path of China’s peaceful rise of the last 40 years. He has published the book China’s Embracing Innovation Leads to the Future and over 20 papers on this theory (Chinese version) with his English book Embracing Innovation for Peace: Myth of China’s Rise and Fall of Globalizationin the pipeline.

China Embracing Innovation Conference (CEIC) Bournemouth

The annual conference on CEIC during the Bournemouth Air Festival every year has been built with the terminology coined by Richard in his new book recently published in 2017, which attracts global attention with wide media coverage. Derek Borthwick, who is Mayor of Bournemouth said, “Richard has been instrumental in bringing China Embracing Innovation Conference to Bournemouth. [] It is vital that we continue to build upon this exciting opportunity, strengthening our friendship agreements and in turn bringing new opportunities to business in Bournemouth” in his welcome speech on the first China Embracing Innovation Conference on 29th August 2018, Bournemouth.

His Vision on West Meets East

He has devoted huge efforts in achieving his vision of West Meets East, which has allowed him to develop a creed for business management education from West Leads East to West Meets East. He has been instrumental in transforming such a firm vision into reality with passionate and relentless insistence on (1) West Meets East-the integration of Western management with Eastern philosophy and (2) the integration of world-class research with teaching and learning in GHE and (3) the narrowing the gap between what is delivered in university and what is needed in society in liberal arts education.

With his over 30 years of leadership experiences in global higher education and international business between East and West, he has insightful observations and interpretation about what happened in the last 40 years between West and East, notably China and how a university/firm can be well positioned in the 21st century. He has been an advocate of life-long learning and liberal arts education and passionately striving for creating inspiring, an innovative and entrepreneurial campus that he referred to as three “invisible campuses”. The forums between President/Students, President/Professors/Doctors, and President/Alumni that he launched in SIAS has pioneered the reform in GHE and narrowed the gap between what is delivered in universities and what is needed in society.

Richard Li-Hua’s Recent Works on China

China’s Embracing Innovation: Leading to the Future

Richard Li-Hua’s Recent Academic Activities

Delivering a keynote speech on China Embracing Innovation on International Forum at Tsinghua University, China, 2017