LSC Connect: Hello Robert, great to speak to you today. Firstly can you tell us what was the journey that brought you to LSC Malta?
Robert: I am a full-time Banking and Finance academic but also a part-time practitioner in the field of Finance as I am a non-executive director on a company listed on the Maltese Stock Exchange. This gives me a unique perspective that allows me both to use my academic knowledge when working as a practitioner and to use my knowledge and experience as a practitioner to make the material presented in class relevant to today’s financial environment. In the past, I have also worked for small and large organisations in both the public and private sector and in different industrial sectors so this gives me a very good perspective and understanding of the dynamics of working in such different range of organisations

LSC Connect: What motivated you to teach?
Robert: Teaching came very naturally to me as I always remember having the knack to explain things to people around me. I have and still am very inquisitive about how things work and why they work that way and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with students.

LSC Connect: How do you motivate your students, and what do you do to help them learn?
Robert: First of all, I try to convince them that everything that they are doing is for themselves and all skills learnt during my classes will make them more effective and successful in the work environment. I also try to make my classes as practice oriented as possible to show them that how to apply all the knowledge/theory covered in class to real-world scenarios.

LSC Connect: What do you feel are your biggest teaching challenges?
Robert: I have two main challenges which are to teach a set of material to students who come from different cultural backgrounds and have had very different work experiences. The second challenge is to teach theories and material that is valid for large countries like the UK or the US but might not be relevant when you consider countries (from where our students come) where the institutional. legal, and financial environment is completely different from the ones of the UK or the US.

LSC Connect: What advice do you have for a teacher who is just starting out?
Robert: Make sure to adapt the knowledge/material and your style of teaching to the students so that you make it easier for them to digest.

LSC Connect: That is sound advice. What are your future plans?
Robert: My plans are to continue combining my teaching with my part-time work as a practitioner in order to keep my knowledge updated. I would also like to conduct research which is meaningful to practitioners in the field of Banking and Finance.

LSC Connect: Thank you for taking time to chat to us today. We wish you well as you continue to share your knowledge and experience with our students.