Sanan Aliyev, MBA student at LSC, is used to success. Sanan is a senior black belt in Karate and is the current champion of the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) Gatorade Nationals Karate Under 67kg. Sanan is also the reigning World Champion for the under 67kg weight class, having won the World Championships in London in September 2013. His other karate achievements include British Open 2012 Scotland, Glasgow Kumite Seniors – 67kg (bronze) and TKF National Open Championships 2012 Kumite Seniors (gold). Kumite is a form of fighting much like boxing or wrestling. Sanan took time out of his busy study and training schedule to talk to us.

LSC Connect: Hi Sanan, can you start by telling us a little about yourself?
Sanan: I was born in Azerbaijan in 1990. I started karate when I was 8 years old. I was European Champion in 2005, World Champion in 2013, and I am the current British Universities Champion (2014). I have also won many international karate championships.

LSC Connect: When did you come to the UK and why did you choose to study at LSC?
Sanan: I came to the UK in 2012, after I finished my Bachelor degree in my own country. I chose LSC to study English and then I went on to complete my MBA. I was very happy to choose LSC as it is the best place you can get quality education and
a nice atmosphere.

LSC Connect: You are the current BUCS champion in 60+ Category Karate Kumite and also reigning European Champion. How do you combine this with your studies?
Sanan: It is pleasure always for me to combine karate with education. But education always comes first to me. Education is essential for my future. Though I train twice a day, I don’t miss my classes and got nearly 90% attendance.

LSC Connect: You are currently preparing for the 2015 European Games. Can you tell me what this involves and what motivates you?
Sanan: I’m preparing for 2015 European Olympics which will be held in Baku in Azerbaijan by training twice a day. My main motivation is to raise my country’s flag and make them proud.

LSC Connect: What are your future ambitions?
Sanan: In the future I want to continue my studies in LSC and would like to start a PhD degree. I would also continue to do karate.

LSC Connect: How well do you think is LSC preparing you to achieve these?
Sanan: Teachers and all LSC staff are always good with me and encouraged me to pursue my karate ambitions. I would like to say thanks to all staff at LSC.