LSC Connect: Hi Sherry, great to meet you. Can you tell me about yourself?
Sherry: I was born and bred in Penang, a small island in the northern region of West Malaysia famous for great local street food. It’s a multicultural place but the different cultures like in harmony, united by the wonderful food. I love the way food brings people from all walks of life together. Besides hunting for great food, I enjoy reading a good book with a pot of hot tea at the tea house. As a certified Malaysian Red Crescent first aider, I also volunteer at public and charity events as a way of giving back to society.

LSC Connect: Can you describe your career journey?
Sherry: I have over 20 years of working experience in the areas of product marketing, key account management, channel management, recruitment consultancy and project management both globally and regionally. My career journey has been very fulfilling as the different roles and achievements have provided a solid foundation for where I am today. The key to success is the ability to appreciate and embrace the differences in various industries, unlearn and relearn to grow further.

LSC Connect: What made you choose to study with WIC?
Sherry: WIC is the official campus in Malaysia for the LSC course I chose to pursue – that was the beginning of our relationship.

LSC Connect: What did you enjoy most during your time at WIC?
Sherry: The many interesting people I met – from the friendly staff like Gina Khoo, Baldev Singh, Dr Lester and Dr Bardia to the classmates of different intakes at every class. It has been an awesome journey learning from everyone of them.

LSC Connect: Do you have a particularly good memory from your time with WIC that you’d like to share?
Sherry: I love the classes conducted by Dr Lester Massingham. He is by far the best lecturer throughout my MBA journey. His theoretical teaching met the syllabus but what I enjoyed most is his sharing of real life examples that related to the topics he taught. And of course, his injections of humour that reflect the funnier side of the real world. Personally, I found this very useful and it made the MBA “alive”.

LSC Connect: We are very proud of the relevance of our courses to the real world of work. How else did WIC prepare you for your career?
Sherry: The good blend of students from different professions and industries served as an excellent platform for enabling the productive exchange of industry news and the establishment of business networks.

LSC Connect: If you had your time at again, is there anything you’d do differently?
Sherry: I would like to study different course modules at different campuses throughout Asia for a different depth of learning curve and experience.

LSC Connect: That is a great idea and one that LSC is happy to facilitate, What advice do you have for current students looking to start a career in your sector? What could they be doing now?
Sherry: The sky is the limit. Never restrict yourself from learning new things and always be willing to take up challenges outside of your comfort zone. You may not be doing exactly what you want in the desired sector now but always remember that we are all part of a larger system and connect to each other in some way. Whatever you do today adds to your resume and most importantly, deepen and broaden the experiences that stay with you for life.

LSC Connect: That is fantastic advice. What are your future ambitions both professional and personal?
Sherry: Professionally, I would like to be able to transfer my knowledge and lessons learned to the next generation. My aspiration is to grow and see new talent rise to success. I want to see myself taking up more coaching and counselling in time to come. Personally, I am motivated to explore in-depth wisdom on spiritual enrichment and healthy living.

LSC Connect: Thank you for your time Sherry and we wish you all the best for the future and please do stay connected with us as your career progresses.