It can be quite challenging for many in their educational careers to reach this level. It is the level that is going to determine your future economic benefit and shape the quality of your life. The moment that you can’t forget is that point of time when you make a decision from the many choices you have and you choose us to nurture, develop and prepare you for the next hurdle in your career building.

Your chapter at LSC will cover three key areas that equip you with academic knowledge, industrial experience and personal skills. These are the main steps that will prepare you to be successful in your career, to be future employers and/or to further your own education.

First and foremost, each LSC course ensures at all times to have an excellent academic team that has the necessary qualifications, knowledge, experience and the capability of imparting these to help you build a strong foundation in preparation for the real world. The team comprise of passionate people who want to share their knowledge and continuously provide guidance, support and motivation that will add value to your learning experience.

The next step is the industrial experience that individual students will be exposed to during their time of study at LSC. Industrial visits, speakers from industry and lecturers with industry experience will share their practical experiences. These strengthen students’ understanding of the application of academic knowledge is the corporate and business worlds.

Personal skills are the final step but this does not mean it is of any less importance. Our programmes at LSC are structured to include the elements that develop writing, communication, interpersonal and business skills. These skills are developed over the entire duration of the programme through the activities, assessments and additional in-house programmes. Great emphasis is placed on these skills as a ‘must have’ by LSC programmes as these are the requirements of 21st century employers, future professionals and entrepreneurs. At LSC, we help our students hone and finesse these skills so that they can place themselves for a better position in a highly competitive global environment.