I am Steven Psaila and I work as a marketing coordinator for a local agency entrusted with Malta’s heritage sites. My line of work is very flexible and often I am involved in different tasks such as photography, graphic design, branding and promotion of our products and services. Apart from my full time job, I’m also a professional audio engineer specialising in soundproofing and room acoustics.

I chose to study at LSC because I wanted something better in my life, and I knew I would increase my chances for a better career position by studying for an MBA programme. An MBA programme opens up a lot of new career opportunities as well as giving you a great insight if you want to open your own business. LSC Malta offered a programme that is flexible, interesting and challenging. I have looked at several institutions offering MBA programmes in Malta, and the LSC Malta MBA was the best option available. By offering different business subjects and preparing us for the final business project, LSC Malta is making a wonderful job in preparing us for our future careers. I also commend the professionalism of the lecturers and tutors alike as well as the highly trained staff, always ready to help, the best way possible.

Being an audio engineer and having my own recording studio, I have always wanted to learn how to properly manage a business in all different aspects of it, for instance marketing, management and finance. I strongly believe that the knowledge acquired from this MBA, will greatly enhance my career and business prospects and hopefully help me succeed in what I want to achieve.

To any potential students who are looking to come to LSC Malta, do not hesitate. Grab your phone and call LSC Malta. You will never regret this decision.