17 February 2016
Today, WIC had an Entrepreneur Talk in one of our auditoriums. The guest speaker was one of our alum, Daniel Woo (MBAe, 2015, WIC), Executive Director for Tax Advisory and International Tax. After a brief introduction about himself and his career, Daniel shared his personal journey from a junior auditor to a tax director of one of the biggest audit firms in the world. He mentioned some of the struggles that he faced and how he overcame these through patience and perseverance.

He discouraged job-hopping and mentioned that he has only changed his job three times in his whole work-life, and all three were relevant to each other. He also stated that he was not obligated to do his MBA by his employer and that he chose to do it for his own self-improvement. He outlined the reasons why WIC is a good platform for postgraduate education and said that he was looking forward to starting our DBA programme. He also expressed a few factors on entrepreneurship. The talk ended with a short Q&A session and refreshments.

26 February 2016
WIC organised a Post-Valentines Dinner for the students to show them our appreciation. Three classrooms were combined and decorated by our staff members to create a romantic atmosphere to suit the theme of the event. The event started at 7.15pm after the students were ushered in to their respective tables. The emcees for the night were Brenda and Richard, two of our most talented students who did a wonderful job of ensuring that everything was carried out on schedule. The event started with a heart-warming speech from Dr Rashad who thanked the students for actively participating in this event with the promise of more events like this in the future. The first and most highly anticipated performance of the night was a musical recital by Baldev Singh, Principal of Westminster International College. He played two traditional instruments, the dilruba and the tabla, and captivated the audience with his incredible skills. The next performance in line was presented by Joy Malicdem, Marketing Officer, who delivered a powerful cover of “How could an angel break my heart” by Toni Braxton. After this performance, dinner was served. The menu for the evening comprised of a variety of Italian dishes. The next performance for the night was given by Nor Zahra from the Accounts Department with her sensational vocals of “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. The night went on with activities and games with audience participation. Students and staff had a great time bonding and enjoying each other’s company. The next lineup was an acoustic performance by Gabriel Walters from Student Services with his amazing guitar skills. Next, was a duo performance by Sagingali Kairov and Arslan Annamyradov who are two very talented students. They sang “For the rest of my life” by Maherzein. After the performance, the dance floor was open for all for to enjoy the remainder of the night. Based on the feedback that I received from the students, it was a great success.

20 March 2016
Today, we celebrated an auspicious festival called Nowruz. Nowruz, also known as the Persian New Year, is generally celebrated by countries in the Middle East and Central Asia such as Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and so on. Nowruz marks the beginning of spring and is often associated with dozens of blooming flowers. To celebrate this occasion, WIC was decorated with flowers and Nowruz greetings in different languages. We also hung up an array of flags to represent the different countries that were celebrating this festival. There was also a table that was specially set with Haft-Seen items. Haft-Seen is basically a table setting that is traditionally practiced in Iran during this Nowruz celebration. It is mainly made up of seven items that begin with the letter S. This includes Sabze which means greenery (wheat, barley, or lentil), Samanu which is a sweet pudding made up of germinated wheat, Senjed which is dried fruit of the oleaster tree, Sir which means garlic, Sib which represents apples, Sumac berries and lastly, Serke which is vinegar. In addition to the seven Haft-Seen items, other symbolic items such as candles, a mirror, decorated eggs and a bowl of water with goldfish were also placed on the table. Chocolates and candy were given out to every student and staff that walked in on that day as a small appreciation gesture from management.

20 May 2016
Today, Westminster International College (WIC) students went on a field trip to the National Bank of Malaysia/Bank Negara Malaysia. The aim of this trip was to provide the students with the necessary knowledge about our local bank. At 10.30 am, the students arrived at Bank Negara Malaysia and were accompanied by two of our staff members, Yash Sharma and Joy Malicdem. The first activity was a talk on the ‘Roles and Functions of Bank Negara Malaysia’. The Event Manager explained the main roles of the bank and how the currency works in Malaysia. She informed students that Bank Negara Malaysia was not a government body and also gave an account about the reserves that they have currently, in comparison with the previous years. After the talk, a Visitor Service Officer gave a short briefing about the ‘Museum and Art Gallery’. The National Bank of Malaysia is made up of a few galleries such as the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, the Islamic Finance Gallery, the Economics Gallery, the Children’s Gallery, the Numismatic Gallery, and the Art Gallery. The student’s were buzzing with excitement as they toured the Museum and Art Gallery. The Museum had many interesting items on display such as the ancient bank notes and rare coins which were a real eye opener for the students. They said it was a pleasure to be there as they were able to gain knowledge about the history of banking and finance and the development of money in Malaysia. The students also discovered how money is generated and the currencies used by other countries. The Art Gallery was equally impressive. Numerous quality artworks by local artists were showcased. The architecture of the building was stunning and one of the main attractions in the gallery was a tunnel that was covered entirely with money. The Numismatic Gallery consisted of a few unique metal-like drawers which could be pulled out to display the different types of coupons used to trade commodities such as rubber, which date back to World War II. The trip was very interesting and educational for the students and they enjoyed their visit to the National Bank of Malaysia. After the trip, the students were treated to a hearty lunch of Malaysia’s signature dish, ‘Nasi Lemak’ (a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandas leaves).

27 July 2016
Tonight, we organised a WIC Cultural and Costume Night for the students and staff at a place called Ruang. The event received an overwhelming response from the students as they formed a busy line in front of the registration counter. It was quite an interesting sight to see students from different parts of the globe, dressed proudly in their national or traditional outfits. The hall was brightly lit and filled with a wonderful variety of colours from the costumes worn by the staff and students of WIC.

Our emcee for the night was Brenda, one of WIC’s most exuberant students who entertained the audience with her bubbly personality. A buffet of local Malaysian cuisine consisting of briyani rice, squid sambal, fish cooked in black sauce, fried chicken and mixed vegetables was served for dinner. A local band which included our very own WIC staff, Nor Zahra from the Examinations Department, was invited to play for the night. She sang a few Malay, English and Hindi songs throughout the night. The crowd was mesmerised by her spectacular vocals.

Around 10.00PM, our talented students from Kerala did a traditional Indian performance. Their dance was full of enthusiasm and in sync with every beat. Shrills of excitement and laughter echoed through the hall. After the performance, the DJ opened the dance floor and the students slowly moved to the dance floor as the beat of the music escalated. By 10.30PM, almost all of the students were on the dance floor having a good time.

It was a wonderful and enjoyable evening as students got to learn about the other cultures around the world.