I am Zakarya Belouettar. I have previously studied Veterinary Medicine in Algeria. Once I completed my studies I decided to pursue an international educational experience and after researching and looking at a number of MBA courses offered by different European universities, I chose to study at LSC Malta.

I joined LSC Malta in February 2015 to study English and an MBA. I have now completed my English language studies, and feel that I have achieved the confidence with the use of this language both academically as well as socially. Embarking on the MBA will be the next step in fulfilling my career objectives. Once I complete my MBA, I plan to seek a career within a international company.
To any students thinking of studying at LSC Malta, it has given me exposure to a diversity of cultures which is very important in an international educational experience. The staff are very professional and helpful. Malta is also a beautiful country with a welcoming atmosphere. For me, there is the added bonus that Malta is not too far away from my home country. Many students from all over the world come to Malta to study and experience the island lifestyle.