I am a Media Persona, Inspirational Speaker and an Entrepreneur. I am the current Double R.E.E.B.A (Regional Entrepreneur Empowerment Business Awards) Award Winner as the best Inspirational Speaker and Businessman of the Year held in London.

Growing up my Dad wanted me to be a doctor so I opted to do science at college and university. However after university, I realised that science was not my interest as I began to identify my swiftness in sales and marketing. Hence I started working with my father’s company as a sales and marketing Manager and this led me to start my own company which was a printing press. When I relocated to the UK, I had no option than to do my Masters in Marketing and International Business. As time went by, I discovered that it’s not only sales and marketing that I was able to do with ease but that I was also good at public speaking. My natural creativity means I can create stories to inspire my generation. This has led to a tremendous inspirational speaking career and it has enabled me to get into the media. Currently, I am the General Manager of Zipped Multimedia where I oversee the operations of a radio and TV station, a photography department, a recording studio, a restaurant and an event hall all under one roof based in London. My career has been influenced by my talents and the things that I’m passionate about. Therefore the transition has been smooth and an enjoyable journey as I currently enjoy what I do.

As a media persona, I have used the media as a tool to be the voice of change in the lives of people. I am the host of “The Platform”, a Radio Talk Show on Fire Live Radio that makes tremendous impact across the globe with an average listenership in over 50 countries and a peak listenership in 70 countries. I have appeared on various media platforms to share my views in empowering the youth and creating mindsets that believes in possibilities.

I am also the CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy which is a business training and development firm based in London with a strategic focus on the African market. At the moment Train2inspire Consultancy has offices in Botswana, Gambia and Ghana and a network of consultants that share between 10 to 30 years’ experience that delivers our training programs across the globe. I have now been in the business training and development market for over a decade. Previously, I was the lead consultant at Ospra Consult, a business training and consultancy firm based in Ghana with a focus on the SME market. I have also run successful businesses in the past, for instance, as the CEO of Ospra Ventures, a publishing house.

My main objective in life is to create a hub of hope through inspirational and practical messages. I have gained experience to become a powerful inspirational speaker delivering speeches full of practical ideas that are thought provoking and have the capacity to change mindsets. I acquired my unique delivery of speeches and engagement skills through the Toastmasters International Mentorship program which gave me the opportunity to learn and perfect my skills in public speaking.

I hope my passion and drive to make a difference inspire and impact on individuals I come into contact with to make a conscious decision not only to take a step towards their dreams in life but to work hard until success knocks at their door. I firmly believe success and failure start in the mind. Hence your mindset is the key to success. Feed your mind with positives of life and it will starve all the negatives in your life to death. This is the way to build a conducive environment for success. Life is not without challenge. A life with no challenges is no life. You can only get to the next level of your life when you face a challenge. When I was making a transition to get into media, I had to do voluntary work for two and half years. This is pure sacrifice but at the end of the day, it has paid off tremendously well. My main objective is to take my inspirational messages to the corners of the world to inspire hope and change in the lives of people.