The Diyagala Boys’ Town in Colombo, Sri Lanka provides full-time accommodation and vocational training for 125 boys.The 2 year apprenticeships cover a range of skill areas including Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Culinary Arts and Carpentry.

The boys are also required to attend lessons as part of an academic curriculum and this educational pathway is proving very popular with prospective employers in the Colombo area.

Last year,all the boys of the graduating class found jobs as a result of their sound vocational training at Diyagala.

At the end of each academic year, a full Graduation ceremony is held for the pupils finishing their primary school education. As all the children at Morning Star are either profoundly deaf or hearing impaired, each child will develop academically according to their ability to communicate through American sign language. The dedicated teaching staff are therefore able to ensure that each child has completed each stage of their education to the correct standard. The pupils and family members in the audience know that this graduation ceremony for these young people symbolises real achievement in overcoming very real challenges.