Fernanda Ritzdorf Winckler is a Brazilian designer and daughter of goldsmith who saw in her family’s business an opportunity to innovate in the accessories and jewellery world.

The story of her family’s brand starts when her German grandfather Willy Ritzdorf moved to Brazil in 1920 and undertook a business of wooden artefacts like furniture, toys and decorative objects.

Years later, Fernanda and her father took this idea of woodworking further in order to produce something innovative and eco-friendly. Nowadays her family’s brand produces unique Brazilian accessories and jewellery based on the sustainable model that invites to conscious consumption.

The products are handmade and the ‘raw material’ is wood that has been discarded. Her father is in charge of the production process and Fernanda takes care of the jewellery design and thanks to her increased knowledge from her MBA programme her in Malta is now involved in marketing the final product.

One year ago, Fernanda travelled to Malta to improve her English and follow an MBA at LSC Malta. Her objectives were to get the theoretical and practice knowledge to boost her career and business. In this period she also had the opportunity to participate in art festivals. Fernanda has even opened a flagship store in the north of the island, in the city of Buggiba.