Statistics shows that a driver in two wheels has more chances of having fatal accidents than his counterpart the car drivers. This notorious disadvantage inspired Darren Borg to run a business of providing products that make safer motorcycle driving.

Borg, originally from Malta and with a Bachelor of Education in Physical Activity, was always intrigued by the creative processes involved in managing teams of people to come up with a product or service, marketing it in novel ways and finally selling it. Those were some of the reasons why he chose an MBA at LSC Malta.

“Without any doubt, the best thing about LSC Malta was the preparation that I had for my future career, thanks to the diverse programme they (LSCM) offered me. The different modules helped me to understand how a successful business works. Moreover, the fact that the lecturers are highly experienced in their field, make it even more tangible, giving me the possibility to transfer what we learnt to my future project’’.

While he was following the MBA at LSCM he had the idea of bringing a product which helps save lives of motorcyclist in Malta. And it during the design of his master thesis where he materialized the idea and started his business plan of importing airbag jackets.

After one year of finishing his MBA programme, Darren is now distributing the airbag jacket in Malta and he is planning on diversifying the products offered by his company.