“COPTE (Combatting Poverty Through Education) recently made another trip to the Maw Sevana Children’s Home in Colombo, Sri Lanka.Once again, we were able to see the real improvements made to the dormitory conditions at the orphanage. All of these have been supported by COPTE donations.

The latest COPTE supported project in Colombo is at a rehabilitation centre for young people who have drug related issues. COPTE donations will help to refurbish and rebuild a new workshop for education and work skills.

As always, COPTE also ensures that there is extra recreation time for the Maw Sevana children and so a visit to the local swimming pool and gokart track was their chosen excursion.

COPTE is currently working with the CAFOD charity to support the field education projects with Syrian refugees in Jordan.”

– Gill Phillips, COPTE Coordinator