The London School of Commerce (LSC) is one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most internationally respected private higher education providers. Established in 1999, the institution was founded with a commitment to provide flexible opportunities for international and home students to gain access to affordable higher education.

Over the years, LSC has established itself as a high quality provider of employment-relevant learning opportunities in the UK and internationally. Today, its 25,000 plus alumni from 130 countries are testament to the individual experience and the outstanding student outcomes that have been achieved through a sound learning and teaching philosophy.

LSC has an established record of successful collaboration with UK Universities over a number years. It has consistently maintained high academic standards in all programmes, meeting the requirements of its respective University partners, maintaining internal quality management systems, principles, procedures and processes, and achieving the requirements of the UK FHEQ and the QAA UK Quality Code.

Offering a portfolio of graduate and postgraduate courses in Business and Management the campus is centrally located in the London Bridge area.

The LSC Group also has its own Charity Foundation known as COPTE (Combating Poverty Through Education). The Charity is registered in order to sponsor educational projects, primarily in developing countries. The COPTE mission is to assist destitute children in their educational path, through direct and philanthropic grant giving in order that the poverty cycle may be broken.